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You don’t have to invest in a full remodel or brand-new cabinets just to enjoy a different aesthetic. Specialists like those at Classic Kitchen Refacing make it possible to change up the theme of your interior without the need to dramatically alter its structure. The process involves replacing doors and drawer faces while installing new hardware. This is the best way to do kitchen cabinet refacing in St. Louis, and it’s much more affordable than replacement. You can change the color, the style, and even cover the existing material with a new one.

The right professionals can make your kitchen countertops or cabinets go from classic to contemporary and back again. They can even replace solid wood with clear, frosted, or stained-glass doors to help you show off what’s inside. Once the custom kitchen cabinet refacing is finished, your space will look like new—without you spending a fortune. Talk to the team you plan on working with about what’s possible for your project. Chances are, they have the experience to offer you plenty of inspiration on how to make your kitchen match your current creative vision.