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The Difference between Cabinet Paintings vs. Cabinet Refacings

Classic Kitchen Refacing, LLC, is your expert when it comes to refacing your cabinets. We know the ins and outs to save you money and ensure you’re getting the highest quality when it comes to improving and remodeling your cabinets. Before you try and tackle the task yourself, see why it is more beneficial and cost-effective to reface rather than painting over your existing cabinetry.

While it may seem less time-consuming and less expensive for you to paint over your cabinets, it actually will cost you more money and time to do it yourself rather than choosing the professionals to reface them.

Cons to painting

  1. You can’t paint over everything. If you have stainless steel, vinyl, laminate, engineered wood or any other material besides wood, these will require much more work and time to paint or you’ll need a special kind of paint that will adhere onto the material.
  2. I’ll just paint the cabinets myself. Unless you’re a professional painter or perform outstanding DIY work, your cabinets could look worse rather than the fresh and clean look you were expecting. Painting corners and hard to reach spaces on cabinets is a very detailed art. If not done right, streaks, splotches, and uneven finishes could be left behind, causing more hassle rather than a valuable solution.
  3. Painting cabinets isn’t long-lasting. Even if you use the correct paint, it may only last a couple of years before you need to paint them again. Over time, combined with the wear-n-tear and use of your cabinets, paint will start to peel, chip, and fade requiring more maintenance and upkeep, no matter if painted by you or a professional.
  4. Paint will come off when grease is involved. Just like cabinets are heavily used in kitchens, so is oil and grease. If you’re not using a more gentle approach to removing grease from your cabinets, abrasive cleaners will remove paint and even cabinet finishes.

When you make the decision to reface versus painting your cabinetry, you are essentially choosing to save your money, have professionally, looking cabinets, and if you’re ever in the market to sell your home, you’ll look to increase the return on your investment. Refacing is the best option when it comes to remodeling your cabinetry, and the team at Classic Kitchen Refacing is here to give you the best results you’ve come to expect.

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