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Cover Your St. Louis Countertops with Quartz

The Best Selection of Granite, Laminate, and Quartz Countertops in St. Louis, MO

Quartz Countertops

Make your kitchen look fresh by adding a new surface material. Perhaps, you love the look and feel of quartz countertops in St. Louis. You’re in good company as quartz is made from 95 percent natural stone with about 5 percent polymer resins. The resins add color, offering a virtually unlimited palette of shades. And the surface does not scratch. Then, too, quartz is naturally nonporous. To learn more, reach out to Classic Kitchen Refacing for a consultation and estimate on quartz countertops.

Granite Countertops

The beauty and density of this natural stone make it a perennial favorite in kitchens throughout the area. Granite countertops come from slabs quarried from the earth, so each is unique to your home. Depending on your design preference, you can select granite with a high gloss or honed finish. You also choose the edges and beveling. As this surface is naturally porous, we recommend you seal the surface once a year. This results in a hygienic surface free from bacteria and stains.

Laminate Countertops

When you want beauty on a budget, we recommend laminate countertops. These are manmade surfaces available in an appealing array of natural stone looks and colors. We advise you don’t cut food directly on the top and you do wipe up spills right after they occur to keep your laminate looking lovely.