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Cabinet Refacing FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will refacing my kitchen cabinets increase the resale value of my home?

Studies indicate that kitchen cabinet refacing in St. Louis has the highest payback of any home improvement. On average nearly 100% of your investment will be recuperated upon resale!

If you plan to sell your home in the next ten years, cabinet refacing makes especially good economic sense. Cabinet refacing in St. Louis is a perfect option for homes with carpenter-built cabinets and premium cabinets since they are extremely costly to replace.

How much does refacing cost?

The price of cabinet refacing is determined by a number of factors. You have a vast array of options in terms of slow-close drawer glides, lazy susans, etc. Additionally, the size of your kitchen will factor into the equation. Larger kitchens obviously have more cabinet doors and drawer fronts to replace.

Each job is unique. Projects can range from $4000-$15,000 depending on whether you are having the countertops and your backsplash replaced at the same time. Materials are a factor too… for example, quartz countertops are more costly than many granite options. We will gladly discuss your project and pricing over the phone or in the store. Estimates are always free.

Any downsides?

Your kitchen layout needs to stay the same if you decide to reface your cabinets. Our goal is to make your present kitchen look better, not remodel it.

Some companies will tell you that “press board” cabinets are not worth refacing, but they only say that because they are only adding a thin wood veneer to the existing cabinet structure. It is actually impossible to add a thin veneer to press board, and this factors into why they tell you not to bother. Since Classic Kitchen Refacing adds 1/4” solid wood to the cabinet structure instead of a thin veneer, we are able to reface any type of cabinets. The bottom line is that you don’t need to worry about the age of your kitchen, nor the kind of cabinets you have. We can reface any kitchen.